Jason Truglio
Jason lives with his wife Jamie, their son Chase (3), and Jason's mom, Barbara. Jason has been a member of the North Merrick Fire Department for 11 years and is an active member of the NYPD. Jason has received 3 life saving awards, 3 Medical Save Awards, and Commendation for bravery from the NYPD for running into a burning housing building where he evacuated residents.

Jason was also recognized for Cop of the Month in May 2018 and January 2020. In addition, Jason is also an EMT-CC and currently in Paramedic school, while still working for NYPD and volunteering for North Merrick Fire Department, fulfilling his desire to continue to be trained to help people.
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Pat Cash
As a young teenager, Pat was a member of the junior fire department and at 18 became an active volunteer member of the same fire house to which his grandfather was a member. Pat left college after his freshman year and enlisted in the military at 19 years old. He was stationed in Jacksonville, NC for his 4 years of active duty. He was deployed twice during an active time of war to Al-Qa’im, Iraq and Fallujah, Iraq. He was an M240 gunner on the Humvees doing day and night convoys through the cities, bringing supplies to outposts as well as providing barriers for an Iraqi police station.

After finishing his years of active duty, he spent his last 4 years of inactive duty in his hometown. He joined the Union through Helmets to Hardhats and spent years mastering a new profession while adjusting to civilian life all over again. He later married Kelly, his high school sweetheart, graduated his apprenticeship program, and still finds time to be a trustee for his firehouse.He is now a 15 year member and serves on the Training Committee for the entire department.

His proudest moments of his life have been becoming a dad to 3 beautiful children; McKenna (4), Colton (2.5), and Brayden (8 months old). To anyone who knows him, Pat is one of the most selfless and loyal people who has devoted so much of his life to helping others throughout his community, serving his country, and still finds the time to be the most loving husband, amazing father, the best firefighter, and a great friend.

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Jaclyn Dodenhoff & Kenneth Bryant
Jaclyn Dodenhoff and Kenneth Bryant both got into public service right out of college. Jaclyn wanted to save people, and Kenneth wanted to help people.

During these last few months, Jaclyn has been working non-stop taking care of COVID-19 patients while keeping a strong demeanor at work. Jaclyn has received many awards for her Nursing Excellence and Outstanding Service.

Kenneth is a 10 year NYPD veteran with the last 5 years on the crime team. Kenneth has been named Officer of the Month 5 times. Jaclyn Dodenhoff and Kenneth Bryant plan on getting married 10/11/2020.

Aneta Gorazda
Aneta Gorazda lives with her daughter Victoria (5) and her husband Armando. They also live with Aneta's parents; Dorota and Henryk.

During Aneta's 15 year service as a registered nurse at the VA Department of Health, Aneta has been recognized multiple times as an outstanding employee for the care she provides to our veterans.

Currently, Aneta has been working on the frontline with COVID-19 where her medical unit has been converted to COVID unit. Through her dedication, courage, and determination she continues to heal our veterans with a smile.
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Juan Lema
Juan Lema
Juan Lema was a Sergeant in the Marines for 8 years. He is married to Jennifer and together they have a son, Santiago (2). Juan is now tirelessly fighting the COVID-19 virus as a registered nurse at Southside hospital.

To those who know Juan, he is the most selfless person they know. He always puts others before himself, never complains, and always goes above and beyond for his family and his patients at work. He is a hard working individual who never asks for anything in return. He is a true testament of his continued service to his community and country.
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